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Today is a sad day for Sleeping With Sirens fans. ​ On Social Media Sleeping With Sirens released a statement announcing their drummer Gabe Barhams departure. This is just weeks after the band released "Agree to Disagree" which has become a massive hit for the band. The statement reads as follows: "Gabe will no longer be a part of Sleeping with Sirens" They continued by saying "We all love him, and we've created amazing music together, but in the last year or so we've been growing in different places musically. There are absolutely no hard feelings and we wish Gabe success...

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Sleeping With Sirens have awoken us all with there latest track from their new upcoming album 'How It Feels To Be Lost' which is set to be released 6th September 2019. We all love Kellin Quinns unique vocals, and we are so happy to be hearing him scream once again! Here is the latest track from Sleeping With Sirens 'Agree to Disagree' You can pre-order Sleeping With Sirens new album here: Click Here Let us know what you think about Sleeping With Sirens latest release in the comments or on our social media: Twitter: @RockLifestyleUK Facebook: Rock Lifestyle UK Instagram:...

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