Hi All!

As you all know over the last year and a half we've been through a lot of changes, and this one is *fingers crossed* our last big one.

Being a new business, we've been trying to find our place within the music & fashion industry and we feel that the changes that we're announcing today are going to finalise what we're all about.

Earlier this year we announced our Merchandise store which is definitely something we want to focus heavily on and will be our number 1 priority. This is because the store not only helps us keep going but also because it assists the bands that we work with financially & helps promote them with no cost to them whatsoever.

Rock Lifestyle UK started off as a hobby back in March 2019 as a News & Promotions website that offered artists a free way to promote their music, which is something that we've always been about and still want to continue. However, due to the impact of Coronavirus we have had to make some difficult decisions to allow our business to keep functioning.

Sadly, we're having to press pause on writing News & Music Review articles. This is a big part of our business but as mentioned before, we have to focus on being able to keep functioning. That being said, we're creating a brand new tab which will be called "New Music".

This tab will be similar to our news page but instead will simply feature new music. This is to allow us to focus all of our time & resources on promoting bands more across our website & socials and to assist them financially with our merchandise store. 

Christmas is on its way, and with that comes with both excitement & its very own challenges. At the start of December we have some awesome new products coming your way and we cannot wait for you all to see what we have in store!

Don't forget, final UK orders need to be processed before 12pm on 11th December 2020 to be sure that your products arrive in time for the big day.

2021 will be a brand new year for everyone, and we hope that within this year we can bring back a lot of our original features and be able to help promote upcoming artists across the world more than ever before & with the news of a possible vaccine, we're hoping that this can certainly become a reality.

Thank you everyone for your support and we wish you all well. Make sure to keep yourself and your families & friends safe.

- Rock Lifestyle Team

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