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Italian Rock Band, The Black Lava, have given us the awesome opportunity to have  a chat about the band & their music.

The Black Lava recently released a single titled "My Quarantine" on 15th June 2020, click here to read more.

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1.) Who are the members of the band and what are their roles? 

The Blacklava are 4 but we always have many friends who help us on an artistic level. I'm Carlo "Karlo" Loglisci and I'm the singer / guitarist, I deal with social media, some graphics and videos, Francesco "The VIP" Priolo is the guitarist, producer, sound engineer and we rely on him for the recordings, Diego Petrino is the Drummer and Graphic Designer and Mark Stilla is the bassist and promoter. Let's say that we do everything within the band and as I said before many of our friends participate with their art (video, photos etc.) 

2.) How did The Blacklava form? 

We started in 2014. Me, Mark (who previously played the guitar) and Gabry (ex bass player). I was already friends with both. We went to a rehearsal room of a metalhead friend of ours and used the logic pro loops as drums. Thinking about it now makes me smile! After two months Gabry introduced us to Diego, a drummer friend of his. We played together for three years and we made an Ep and we were getting ready for the record. While recording the album Gabriele left the band for personal reasons. It had been in the air for some time already. The Blacklava project was going on and he was unable to devote the necessary time and problems in the family made him make the decision. After a short time we decided that Mark would play the bass and that a friend of ours Matteo "Zeta" would play the solo guitarist! we finished the record and we are on tour in Europe and in 2019 Zeta leaves the band for study reasons! Now the training is complete with Francesco "Vip" on guitar! Francesco was our Producer since the first EP. 

3.) What is The Blacklava all about? 

The philosophy of The Blacklava is very simple and genuine! We are as you see us! Our values are friendship, fun and being pure energy leaving a few moments for reflection! 

4.) What key artists influenced The Blacklava as a whole? 

difficult question because we have both similar listening among us but also many different listening. but for The Blacklava three groups influenced the sound: Royal Blood, Rival Sons and Audioslave! 

5.) Who do you see yourselves in 5 years time? 

Hoping that the whole Covid-19 thing will end we would like to tour abroad. Especially Germany, UK and U.S.A. . Our final goal is to play in the U.S. 

6.) How would you define The Blacklava? 

We The Blacklava we were born as a group of friends and we try to always remain faithful to this line. We 4 have already had other bands and when we are too young we want to split the world without looking anyone in the face, without waiting for anyone! I see bands and artists who are still doing this! Here I speak for myself but it is the same philosophy as The Blacklava, we make the music we like and try to sponsor it as best we can but I don't want to pass over anyone's feelings and life, both our fan and internal component! in life you can reach all the objectives but if you do it lying, doing everything too seriously, not waiting for the difficult moments of your companions then nothing has been achieved for me indeed it makes me very sad! we have a lot of fun together but rather than forcing the hand when not ready I prefer to wait. Maybe in the short term it is not the most successful choice but in the long term absolutely yes! 

7.) How do The Blacklava support the scene? 

We are very active on Instagram and Facebook in this period and a year ago we created a playlist on Spotify called "New Rock Hits" where we put our songs, the songs we like and we also put emerging artists! our concept of music does not exist without mutual support! 

The Music 

1.) How would you describe your sound? 

Our music is constantly evolving and we take a lot of inspiration from what we like! We have a very energetic sound with very present barges, a simple but genius drums and a super predominant voice. For me the voice is the first thing I listen to so I pour this taste of mine into the songs! All the singles of 2019 and "Woman" were created in one session and have a vintage flavor. since the lockdown period we have slightly broken trying to be both more incisive with the voice but also more powerful!

2. Any upcoming releases? EPs, singles? 

At the moment we are writing new fresh songs from the artistic moment of the lockdown. in the three months of Italy's closure I listened to a lot of music and went back to listening to slightly more metal productions such as: I prevail, Bring Me The Horizion, Tesseract, Periphery. Obviously we will not make such a powerful genre but we are creating an evolution for the band! We are very excited by how the new songs are coming! 

3.) What inspired you to put together “My Quarantine”? 

for me the lockdown period was a very quiet personal and intimate period. in addition to The Blacklava I have a job and unfortunately I can't dedicate the time I would like to music. I studied at the conservatory and I wanted to be a musician in my life but I had to adapt. So in the three months that I was at home I had a lot of time to create but I saw around me a lot of pain and the conditions for a future pain caused by economic depression. When I feel this way I always create melancholy music, voice and guitar. after creating it I immediately called Francesco and sent him the two tracks (voice and guitar) recorded at home. He worked on it for two days and created the song done and finished! it was really easy to work this way! we were super inspired! 

4.) What is your song writing process? 

Until My Quarantine I created the main riff, the structure of the song, the melody and the lyrics and then in the rehearsal room we put the energy and the details. From My Quarantine onwards we have decided to change course slightly. I did the main riff, the melody and the lyrics but I leave all the arrangement and composition of the actual riff to Francesco who is much better at playing the guitar! 

Live performances 

1.) Where is your favourite place to perform & why? 

We don't have a favourite place to play because in these years in Italy the rock places where you can play have decreased a lot. you listen less and less to rock and derivatives but you listen a lot to trap music and indie italian music. We hope to find some places abroad to become attached to 

2.) First thoughts before you get on stage & after you leave the venue? 

Come on let's break everything! oh my god how sweaty we are! LOL 

3.) Do you plan to tour once Lockdown is over? 

Absolutely yes! in Italy it is starting to play in clubs but the laws are not clear. So the big events postponed to 2021 instead the small clubs are trying. We will play on July 26th at a small festival! 

4.) Have you ever performed in another country? If so, what were the audiences like compared to the audience in Italy? 

with all my bands we have always played abroad and also with the Blacklava. We make music that is not fashionable in Italy at the moment. Abroad, the audience is always better than Italy. Here in Italy at the moment you are either a Trap "Artist" or you have to make Italian music. We see the feedback both when we play live and where the Spotify plays come from! 

Quick Fire Round 

1.) If you won £1million today, what would be the first thing you’d do? 

I would buy a house with a swimming pool, supermega garden for my dogs and with a rehearsal room, recording room and videomaking room!

2.) Dream artist to perform live with? 

Alive - Rival Sons / Dead - Audioslave (Chris Cornell) 

3.) First thing you’re going to do when Lockdown is over? 

Re-book my trip to japan again! we had to go on vacation in March! 

4.) What is your spirit animal? 

I would say the Puma but my girlfriend would say a chimpanzee. LOL 

5.) Favourite TV show? 

I watch a lot of movies tv series, anime, trash Tv Shows very difficult to answer. Tv series that most kept me glued to the screen: Dark! fatal story, beautiful photography! Comedy TV series instead: The Goodplace! Whoever designed this series is a genius! Instead as Anime I just pretended to see Dohedoro and Attack on titan on Netflix !!!

6.) Best food in the world? 

meatballs with sauce made by my girlfriend! 

Thank you Rock Lifestyle Uk for the opportunity you have given us and thank you readers too! I hope that our music and our way of seeing life and music will strike you! si=Hj0Lra-TTBm4-FZdsT6N7w 

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