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Date: 31st March 2020

Repzilla has released another video interviewing 2 of Davhie Vanity's victim, revealing eye opening information.

Watch the interview below:

Date: 11/03/2020

Today is a good day for all of us. It has been officially revealed that Pedophile hunter Chris Hansen is investigating Dahvie Vanity after an uproar from many social media influencers have caught the attention of Chris & his team.

Chris Hansen is also investigating YouTuber, James or Gregory Jackson otherwise known as Onision. It has been reported that James is currently being investigated by the FBI after Hansen has investigated sexual abuse claims from multiple victims.



21 women under the age of 16 have come forward accusing lead vocalist Dahvie Vanity of rape and sexual assault.

The Huffington Post has documented all incidents involving the vocalist which include accusations of rape, molestation and forced oral sex.

According to Loudwire, the first allegation dates back to 2007, when Dahvie was investigated for an incident of forced oral sex with a 14 year old when he was aged 22. However, the case was closed as the victim refused to co-operated with the authorities.

Huffington Post has carried out their own investigations by collecting 21 testimonials from women across North America. They stated that "Fourteen accusers said Torres forced them to perform oral sex, in many cases refusing to stop as they struggled to breathe or their mouths bled; the others said he raped or molested them,”

“Sixteen were minors at the time of the alleged incidents. Seventeen are quoted with their real names.”

They also stated that Dahvie made it feel normal and nothing out of the ordinary:

"He made it all seem so normal, and even came to see me twice more after [he assaulted me],” says a woman who claims Vanity forced her to perform oral sex when she was 15. “I was a confused kid desperate for attention and had misplaced feelings for a predator. He made me feel special.”

The Huffington Post has released a full report discussing all incidents involving 21 women.

Click here to read

Screenshots of a conversation between the singer and a teenage girl have also been released:

Blood On The Dance Floor also have an extremely large teenage audience, which is concerning for most people especially due to the fact some of the bands music contain extremely sexual or suggestive lyrics:

Song: Scream For My Ice Cream

"Oh! Oh! she licked me like ice cream." "Melting like an ice cream cone, going for her danger zone." "Go inside my lolli" "Hot spot, twirk it bitch." "Strip it down, work it up." "Baby, let me fill your cups." "Sticky messy, taste my treat "

Song: Sexting

"Less than three is just a tease" "Send those nudes, make me drool" "Hit me up - make me cum" "Wanna sext? I'll show you some!" "Sticky drama all the way" "Want my dick? You gotta pay!"

Song: Ima Monster

"'Cause I dribble like I'm rubbing on nipples." "Gotta get out the pickle" "Let my, candy rum trickle" "Getting head, in rentals" "Avoiding the parentals."

"Go 'head girl, shake that butt." "Make me freakin' bust a nut!"

The lyrics 'Avoiding The Parental's' is deeply concerning considering the allegations made.

We will update this article when more information is released.

Pedophile Hunter, Chris Hansen has recently chosen to investigate the lead vocalist. He has interviewed alleged victims of Dahvie as well as YouTuber & former vocalist Jeffree Star 

Watch Chris Hansens Dahvie Vanity Investigations:


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