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Author: Kris Fogg
If you haven’t followed the story of this band get ready to hear an almost unbelievable story, 4 years ago while on tour they found themselves in a horrific accident which took the driver of the bus life, one of the drummers legs and the band in critical conditions and in intensive care. For any band to come back from this is almost unbelievable to think of. To come back with a new album as good as this one you know this band are truly spectacular.

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What do we think about the new album?
Starting the album with 1333 into the apt named Still alive, the lyrics hit you so hard it is impossible to listen and not have a tear in your eye. “From the ashes brought back to life….THIS IS THE NEW SOUND OF SACRIFICE” is the first breakdown on the album that not only makes you spin kick the air with joy but also has true meaning behind it.

You understand this is going to be a journey with the band and what they went through right from the outset.This album is crushing and with lyrics like "I AM UNSTOPPABLE" in the outcast going into the absolute pit enforcing pressure point, you can hear the passion, the anger, the emotion and the willingness to comeback and show the world you can’t count this band out no matter what.

From the first song you can hear a set full of new songs that will have the crowd singing along and throwing kicks & punches with such ferocity. You don’t have to be a fan of the ghost inside to enjoy this album; you can just pick it up and enjoy the journey.

The Ghost Inside are truly an "unstoppable" force to be reckoned with. We at Rock Lifestyle UK are so happy that they're back stronger than ever before.

How many skulls out of 10?

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