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The hard rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, The Killerhertz has set to release a brand new EP titled "Innocent Sinners" on the 29th of May 2020!

The band formed in the early 2011,and already in 2014,the band released their first full-length studio album titled "A Killers Anthem".
In 2017, the band released another album, titled "A Mirror's Portrait".

They already have 800+ followers on Facebook.

Band members:
Thomas Trold - Vocalist & guitarist
Kent Killerhertz - Drums
Jonas Roxx - Lead Guitarist
Jakob Nielsen - Bass

What is our thoughts about the upcoming EP, "Innocent Sinners"?
"Innocent Sinners" is a 4 track EP, and it is definitely worth the wait!
This EP, is something else, it is hard, and soft at the same time.
Thomas Trold's voice on these songs, is amazing. The way it is rough, and deep at the same time, suits the tunes they're heading for.

If you're a rock fan, you should - no doubt, be looking forward to this EP.
The EP includes a little surprise, which we aren't going to reveal in this article.
Keep an eye out, for this EP.

How many skulls out of 10 do we give this EP?
9/10 💀



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