Tool Album Release Rumours - True or False?

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Tool Album Release Rumours - True or False?

For many years TOOL has been talking about releasing a new album since 2013 but was put on hiatus due to a lawsuit and family commitments.

In early 2015 it was announced by TOOL that the lawsuit had been settled in the bands favour meaning that the processing of developing an album was now possible.

Danny Carey has also been teasing fans by announcing false information on the bands behalf.

Carey told fans that the new album was set for a certain release in 2018 but the album was not released nor did any other band members confirm such an announcement.

This re-occured again in 2019 by Carey informing a fan that the album would be released Mid-April of 2019 but this was denied by Maynard James Keenan who is the bands iconic lead vocalist.

He simply debunked Carey's statement by replying to a fans question on Twitter:

Twitter user @jasonlucas724 tweeted:

"@mjkeenan Is the rumours true about the new album dropping in April?"

In which Maynard simply replied with "No".

Fans have been routing and looking forward to a new album, as the band hasn't released an album in over a decade.

One user @HigherPrimate01 has the same hopes as most of us TOOL fans do!

Do you think that TOOL will be releasing an album in 2019? and do you think it will be ahead of the bands European tour where they will be headlining Download Festival 2019?!

Tell us what you think below!

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