Black Lives Matter Blackout Tuesday

*UPDATE* 03/06/2020

Despite #BlackoutTuesday being over, racism, segregation & the un-necessary violence towards people just because of the colour of their skin is not. Just because this one day is over, does not mean it no longer exists. We will be returning to work today but we will still be sharing petitions, donations & sharing social media posts to help raise the voices of those who need it the most. 

The fight against Racism & in-equality is not over. It has only just begun.

*Please send us any donations & petitions that you'd like us to add to this article & to our Tweet threads*


We at Rock Lifestyle UK have been watching closely at the situation that has been unfolding in America in the last week or so, and as much as the world has witnessed this recently, the acts that have been happening within America against innocent civilians has been going on for MANY years and despite calls for peace & equality, all they're met with is guns & violence.

We in the United Kingdom also have a virus called Racism, despite those who think it's not a thing in this country, it very much is. Racism is everywhere, and it must be put to an end. 

What happened in the United States?

On 25th May 2020, George Floyd was killed whilst being arrested by a Officer Derick Chauvin after kneeling on his neck whilst he was pinned to the floor. George was telling the Chauvin that he could not breathe, and despite pleas for his life, was tragically killed during the arrest, all within 30minutes.

Shortly after, Video Footage went viral on Social Media.

According to officials reports, George was arrested due to using a fake $20 in a store and bought a packet of cigarettes from Cup Foods, which is a Grocery Store in America.

Once the store employee had called 911 and explained the situation, the police shortly arrived. Floyd was sitting with two other people in a car parked around the corner. 

Upon approaching George, one of the officers, Thomas Lane, drew his weapon and ordered Floyd to show his hands. A witness to the incident said in a statement that they "did not understand" why it was necessary for Mr Lane to draw his gun. 

According to Prosecutors, Mr Lane "put his hands on Mr Floyd and pull him out of the car" then "Mr Floyd resisted being handcuffed".

However, once they had finally handcuffed George Floyd, he became compliant and Officer Lane explained that he was being arrested for "passing counterfeit currency".

The tragedy came shortly after officers tried to put Floyd into their cop car that a struggle occurred. George said he was claustrophobic according to reports. Shortly after, Officer Derek Chauvin to help put George into the police car.

At 20.19 Chauvin pulled Floyd from the passenger side causing him to fall face down on the ground whilst still handcuffed. Which is when witnessed began to record the incident taking place.

Whilst George Floyd was being restrained by officers, Officer Derik Chauvin placed his left knee on his neck and despite pleas telling officers he could not breathe as well as calling for his mother, after 6 minutes of being choked by the officers Knee and pleaing for his life, Floyd became un-responsive and witnessed urged officers to check his pulse. 

One officer, JA Kueng checked his pulse and said he "couldn't find one" and still no other officers present made a move, including Derik Chauvin. After 8 minutes of Chauvin having his knee pressured onto George's neck, he finally lifted it. 

George Floyd was taken to Hennepin County Medical Centre and was pronounced dead 1 hour later.

The events that took place that day where ignorant and officers should have taken more care during this arrest. They chose not to as if his life did not matter and that the arrest for a counterfeit $20 note was more important than a mans life.


What is Tuesday Blackout?

Tuesday Blackout has come around following the protests in the United States. The Music Industry has called for a Blackout Tuesday, this being Record Labels, Managers & Artists themselves.

Tomorrow will be a day for everyone in the Industry to stop work, listen and stand tall with those protesting for equality. It is a "day to disconnect from work and reconnect with our community" and this is an "urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change."

How will this help the cause?

Tuesday Blackout will show not just the United States but the world that equality matters and that Black Lives Matter. It's a sign that we will not continue to witness un-necessary acts of violence and racism and will not support those that do not believe in fair justice & equality in the world and instead will use our voices to "speak up and challenge the injustices all around us" - Ron Perry, Columbia Records.

Instead of using our voices to help ourselves, those in the music industry are using their voices to help others that are in URGENT need. These voices MUST be heard and what they ask for is quite simply. Equality & FAIR Justice for all. 

#BlackLivesMatter is a statement saying that for too long has white culture always been put above those in the black community, this must be put to an end and equality must be called for and obeyed. This NEEDS to be the end of segregation. 

How are we going to help?

Tomorrow, we will not be posting any articles, including reviews & interviews. We will instead be promoting charities on all of our social media & helping raise awareness for a cause that MUST be heard. 

Although we are small company, we will do everything we can to make sure those voices that have been ignored for far too long are heard.

How can you help?

Join us & the rest of the Music Industry and stand against segregation by sharing charities, helping raise awareness by sharing posts by those who need to be heard. Tomorrow there will be a hashtag trending on most social medias. Use it to help boost those voices. Turn off the Radio, don't share any other news articles other than this cause. Sign petitions to show that change must happen.

Check if your favourite artist is involved with this cause, use your passion for them help spread the word. 

There's so much that we can do, despite being an individual. You may only be one person and you may think you can't make a difference, but using your voices with millions of others makes it that much more powerful and it ensures that they will NOT go unheard.


So please, join us tomorrow and stand against racism, inequality & segregation. 

- Rock Lifestyle UK


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