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Today 4 piece Nu Metal band VantaBlack has released their debut single "No Silence/No Sorrow".

Here's a lil info about VantaBlack:

VantaBlack is a nu-metal outfit consisting of 4 members:
Ash Currie (vocals),
Roy Taylor (guitar),
Elliott Cotteril (bass)
Cal Davis (drums).
"We take influences from the likes of Korn, Static-X, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach etc... and blend it with a modern day sound to refresh the old school sound that made us love metal in the first place. 
We strive to be different, we strive to write melodies that will stick in your head and lyrics that people can relate to. We’ve all experiences struggles, we’ve all experienced how life can sometimes be dark, we write about the experiences we’ve had in our lives and turn them into positives through crushing guitar riffs, powerful drums, hard hitting bass lines and strong lyrics that will resonate within you. 
Our newest single “No Silence/No Sorrow” speaks up about the struggles of Male mental health, having the courage to speak up about your personal demons and anxieties, pushing PST the doubtfulness and that hardships of life, it’s about looking past the darkness and pushing your way out to become a better person, deep down we all experience this, so it’s about reminding each other that we’re not alone in that fight. " - VantaBlack
What are our thoughts about VantaBlack & their debut single?
Despite us announcing a week or so ago that we'd no longer be reviewing singles, we just had to with this band! There was no chance that we'd be letting this go a miss.
The debut single "No Silence/No Sorrow" has achieved exactly what they aimed for and blown it straight out of the park. When you think about the fact that this is a new band only established last year & then listen to this debut single, you know for a fact that this a band to watch out for and we can already tell this is... I'm gonna say it, don't get sad on us just cause it's not happening this year..Download Festival material already & they've got much more to come.

Yes, you can tell this is a new band, they have some edges to smooth out, but hey what new band docent? Even the good oldies have their edges, they've just had more time to perfect their craft and these guys by the sound of it won't have any problems doing so.

We are always so excited to hear new music from upcoming artists but when you hear something like this as a first release our jaws dropped to the floor. This single reminded us as to why we do what we do and why we're so dedicated to supporting smaller artists. It's truly exciting.
So, check out the single & let us know what you think in the comments below.

How many skulls out of 10?
7/10 💀
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