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Freaky Jelly, Resilience, Reviews -

Brazilian Progressive Metal Band, Freaky Jelly, dropped a brand new single on Tuesday 1st September 2020 titled "Resilience" from their upcoming album which is being released through Rockshots Records. - Stream the new single by clicking here - - Check out our Limited Edition Merchandise - What are our thoughts on "Resilience"? The new single is decent, it's perfectly put together & they've tied in all their influences from the likes of Dream Theater, Opeth, Haken, Rush & Pain of Salvation. The backing track itself sounds influenced by Pain Salvations single "Accelerator" which was also released earlier this year.  The...

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Chop Dicks, Delilah Bon, Reviews -

  Delilah Bon, the alter ego of Lauren Tate who is the lead vocalist for Hands Off Gretel, has dropped a brand new music video for her single "Chop Dicks". - Stream Chop Dicks by clicking here - - Check out our awesome exclusive merchandise - Delilah Bon Bio: "HEY THERE !!! I'm Delilah. I'm 23. I RAP, SCREAM & SING LIKE AN ANGRY PRINCE-LESS PRINCESS! I also PRODUCE/WRITE ALL MY OWN MUSIC & EDIT THE VIDEOS. Nice to meet you! Here's my story... From the fiery pits of girl-rage within me I gave birth to 'Delilah Bon' after speaking out about sexual...

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Dead Reynolds, PS (I Loathe You), Reviews -

Dead Reynolds, a five-piece Alt-Rock band from East Anglia, England, has dropped a brand new single titled "PS (I Loathe You)". - Stream the track by clicking here - - Check out our awesome exclusive merchandise - The band have plans for a full-length album for 2021 alongside UK shows. What are our thoughts about "PS (I Loathe You)"? Dead Reynolds is a band that we have only just discovered through this single release, and we are pleasantly surprised by their pure talent. PS (I Loathe You) is a track that not only will us rock n rollers absolutely adore,...

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Five Crumbs, Gravity, Reviews -

German rockers, Five Crumbs have dropped a brand new single "Gravity" - Stream the new single by clicking here - - Check out our awesome exclusive merchandise - What are our thoughts about the new single "Gravity"? The new single is quite different from the previous release titled "Monster" back in May this year.  Despite this, it's a decent track that we are sure fans will fall in love with & will quickly become apart of listeners playlists. Much like Monster, each band member works together so damn well it makes the track incredible to listen to & of course still...

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Arcadia, Reviews, Smash Into Pieces -

Written By: Char Smith Happy summer everyone!  Today I am going to be reviewing the Scandinavian Alternative rock band:  Smash Into Pieces’ NEW album titled “Arcadia” - so grab a cool drink and get cosy. Here’s a link to the album in discussion in case you want to listen first! So here I am, post listen, I really don’t know how to start this review. I’m left speechless. Let’s start with the artwork: One look at this album's art and I was like, “you son of a bitch, I’m in!”. I pressed play and began a musical journey I...

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