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Ghost Aracadia, Glory, Reviews -

Alt-Rock band from London, UK, Ghost Arcadia, have dropped a brand new single "Glory" with a music video.  Due to the current impact that Coronavirus has had with the entertainment industry, Ghost Arcadia have pushed their focus to creating new music, and we should be expecting further singles over the next few months, alongside a full touring schedule for 2021, of which we are VERY EXCITED! What do we think of the new single "Glory"? Ghost Arcadia is definitely for fans of artists such as The Killers & Enter Shikari, and with that we can immediately tell you that this...

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Genus Ordinis Dei, Glare of Deliverance, Reviews -

Italian Symphonic death metal band, Genus Ordinis Dei have dropped 2 brand new singles "Ritual" and "Hunt" on September 14th 2020 from their metal music opera series and concept album, Glare of Deliverance. - Pre Save or Pre-Order by clicking here - - Check out our band merchandise -  Glare of Deliverance is the band's third full-length album, and with all the songs played in sequence (or episodes) it plays in almost like a short film, which tells you a story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition. This has been noted as the...

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Reviews, The Rattlebacks, Tom Rampton -

Written by: Char Smith Today I am reviewing The Rattlebacks’ live set ‘One Night With Tom Rampton’, the show they played earlier this year at The Star Inn, Guildford. - Check out our Merchandise - Not only did I get to watch the recently released videoed set, but I was an actual member of the real life audience!  I’ve seen them quite a lot over the past year and a half and I’ve always been taken aback by their eye-catching style, amazing energy and their beautifully impulsive and playful characters. The Rattlebacks are known for owning the stage, but rarely...

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Bring It Again, Perfect Outrage, Reviews -

Rock n Roll group, Perfect Outrage, has dropped a brand new album titled "Bring It Again" on September 14th 2020. - Check out our Limited Edition merchandise - What are our thoughts about "Bring It Again"? On the first play of this track our immediate thoughts were, this reminds us of real old school rock n roll, the likes of Whitesnake and maybe some Bon Jovi comes to mind. Despite being a new band, Perfect Outrage sounds like they know exactly what they're doing and exactly the style they're aiming for and honestly I can't really fault anything from this...

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Marilyn Manson, Reviews, We Are Chaos -

On 30th July 2020, we dropped an article talking about Marilyn Mansons brand new single "We Are Chaos" which was from his brand new album, with the same title.  Well, the time has come. On September 11th 2020, Marilyn Manson dropped his brand new 10th Studio Album "We Are Chaos". We are super excited to dive into this album, we've tried our best to avoid listening all weekend but now we get to take a listen! - Order or stream this album by clicking here - - Check out our Limited Edition Merchandise - What are our thoughts about "We...

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