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Arrr! avast all gentlemen o' fortune! Alestorm be aft to shake the ship with a brand new album!

Today, is a glorious day for all Pirates around the world. Legendary Pirate Metal band Alestorm, formed in 2007 in Perth, are back once more to sail the seas and find all the gold which be us Metal lovers. 

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However, we must stay well away from the Crystal Coconut.

You can listen to the new album by clicking here

What do we think of the new album "Curse of The Crystal Coconut"?

It has to be said, so far, in our opinion, this is the best album of 2020. Alestorm with every album always blow it out of the water (pun intended), always telling an amazing story whilst still keeping that awesome Alestorm sound.

The track 'Tortuga' was very different compared to there other songs, but oh my are we in love! Whilst it sounding slightly different, it still kept that Pirate Metal vibe and makes you want to headbang and dance at the same time. It's almost like Pirate Metal with a touch of techno? Which works PERFECTLY!

It's a huge shame that Download Festival UK was not able to go ahead this year, the new album on the main stage would have thousands of people singing, drinking & having fun, including us. We hope for their return in 2021!

Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship, do have to say the female singer suited the song perfectly and really took me back to the old Pirates of The Caribbean films and really added to the awesome Pirate Metal theme and really helps you capture the vision that the band has with not only this album, but the concept of the band itself.

Shit Boat (No Fans) is of course what was expected. Alestorm continues to put a smile on our face with their tracks. Of course, nothing will ever beat F*c*ed with an Anchor, but oh my was this track amazing, short but brilliant!

All that being said, we still stand by our first statement. Curse of the Crystal Coconut is the best album of 2020, and in the time of despair, Alestorm sails to our Island and takes us on board their ship to take us on an adventure away from not necessarily disease (pirates aren't clean ya know!), but it certainly helps us distract from the real world. It's most certainly a pirates life for me!

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How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

10/10 💀


So, what do we rank each track then? (This one was rather difficult)


Wooden Leg Part 2 (The Woodening)

Treasure Chest Party Quest 

 Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship

 Shit Boat (No Fans)




Pirates Scorn

Call of the Waves

Henry Martin

Do you agree with our list? Are you joining the Pirate Metal Drinking Crew?

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