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The time has come... After teasing us with multiple singles & social media posts, Asking Alexandria have released their latest album "Like A House on Fire". 

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What are our thoughts about "Like A House On Fire"?

Asking Alexandria always continue to evolve and express themselves in different ways, and have done so ever since the band formed in 2006.

"Like A House on Fire", is not our favourite album that they have released, and really isn't the sort of music that we would listen to ourselves. However, that is not to say the album itself is rubbish.

The new album, like we said before, is the band evolving and discovering new sounds for them to play around with. You can tell that every single album that the band has released over the years has had different sounds from the one previous to it, and yes that even includes the amount of screams and headbanging moments that we used to enjoy.

If you're a metal band and enjoy drop downs, high pitched screams and the glorious growl of Danny Worsnop, then this album is not for you. However, if you enjoy the likes of Fall Out Boy, Artic Monkeys, Thirty Seconds To Mars, then this album is probably for you.

Yes it hasn't got the the old school Asking Alexandria vibe when you know a drop is due at any moment and it will of course send shivers down your spine, but it does have the original AA sound, that being the vocals of Danny Worsnop & Ben Bruce. The two always give their music its own unique sound and you can always tell when it's an Asking Alexandria song, which is quite difficult to do if you're a band that continuously changes its sound.


Do we think Asking Alexandria's metal days are behind them?

Absolutely not, if you've been to an Asking Alexandria concert in the last 2 years, you know for a fact Danny and the band still have it in them to play those old tracks that we all love. We would go as far to say they may even revisit those times in the future, but right now they're exploring different musical routes and honestly, it's amazing if you're into the type of music that they're exploring.


Is this album better or worse than the Self Titled album?

It's not better & it isn't worse. We loved the Self Titled album as it tied their previous sounds into the sound they wanted at the time. However, the new album doesn't, the only thing that remains old school is the vocals of Danny & Bruce that make it obvious that it's an Asking Alexandria album. 



Like we said, it's a good album if you enjoy the more hard rock sound to the old school metal Asking Alexandria. The band still have it, and we know that the studio album is nothing compared to what they can do live. So give it a chance, form your own opinion, if you love it, amazing, if you don't, don't hate it, leave some constructive criticism for the band to reflect on and move on.

Don't listen to it once either, give it a couple of spins. Some tracks will eventually grow on you.


How many Skulls out of 10? (Rating)

6/10 💀


Album Rankings:

From our favourites to our least favourite tracks.

The Violence


They Don't Want What We Want (And They Don't Care)

House on Fire

Down to Hell



One Turns To None

Take Some Time

In My Blood

All Due Respect

Heres to starting over

I Don't Need You

It's Not Me It's You

What's Gonna Be

Give You Up

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