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What's up? Oh, nothing much, except for the fact ASKING ALEXANDRIA have just dropped ANOTHER single from their upcoming album "Like A House On Fire". Wait what? A new album? YEP!

Like A House On Fire is due to be released on 15th May 2020 and will feature both "The Violence" and the bands latest single "Antisocialist" which was released today (4th March 2020). -> Pre-Order <-

In the bands new single, it truly showcases the new direction that Asking Alexandria is going towards. In fact, it's giving us slight old school Fall Out Boy or more recent Bring Me The Horizon vibes, just us? Let us know below!.

What are our thoughts about "Antisocialists"?

The new single is absolutely fantastic. Of course, it is very very far away from Asking Alexandria's old school sound from albums such as "Stand Up and Scream" and "Reckless and Relentless". But as many fans of AA will know, the bands sound has always been different in every album that they've released ever since their first album. Their biggest change coming from their self titled album in 2017 which featured tracks "Inside The Fire" and "Alone In A Room".

However, despite the huge difference to their original sound, Danny Worsnops vocals on the tracks will always give us the same chills down our spine as we listen to him push his powerful voice out into the world.

Overall, we love this latest single and cannot wait to see what Asking Alexandria have to unleash on 15th May 2020.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

9/10 💀

Let us know what you think about Asking Alexandria's latest single below!

LISTEN & WATCH: Asking Alexandria, "Antisocialist"

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