Avatar Hunter Gatherer Reviews

Swedish Heavy Metal band, Avatar, have released their brand new album "Hunter Gatherer" on 7th August 2020.

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The band released their first single from the new album titled "Silence in the Age of Apes" on May 14th 2020 and has already accumulated over 1.4 Million views on YouTube alone. (Read our full review)

The bands last album release was in 2018 titled "Avatar Country" which featured some of the bands biggest hits: The King Welcomes you to Avatar Country, Kings Harvest & A Statue of the King.

What are our thoughts about "Hunter Gatherer"?

Avatar are most certainly back, and they're here to tear sh*t up! The new album is filled to the brim with absolutely insane tracks that any Avatar fan will immediately fall in love with.

Personally, for us, our favourite track is Colossus. It has us headbanging, screaming "COLOSSUS" & also makes us just want to witness this track alone live. Can you imagine the epic live performance for this track? In fact, any of the tracks on this album?

Now, we think you'll agree, well we hope you do, but we honestly believe that Hunter Gatherer is Avatar best album to date. Don't get us wrong, Black Waltz & Avatar Country are incredible albums, but this one, every single track has us craving for more and the minute tickets are on sale for a tour in 2021, we will be buying one to witness their absolute madness live on stage.

Overall, as you can guess, this album is incredible and is by far the best work that Avatar has released to date. We cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in the near future, and we cannot wait to be witnessing their crazyness in concert.

"Avatar know what they want, and they've taken it and amplified it by 1000."

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

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