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Author: Maria Perdersen

The metal/rock band from Göteborg, Sweden, has just released a brand new single on the 14th of May 2020 titled "silence in the age of apes" , from their upcoming album "Hunter gatherer" which is out 7th of august 2020!

You can Pre-Order the new album by clicking here

The band AVATAR from Göteborg, Sweden has just released their brand new single yesterday, and it already has over 85.000 views on YouTube - How insane is that?!

AVATAR is already a very popular band, and their social media sites definitely back that up, with a breathtaking 200.000+ followers on Facebook and 115.000+ on Instagram, this band proves that bring your own is worth it!

Band members of Avatar:
Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström - Vocalist
John Alfredsen - Drums
Kungen - Guitar
Tim Öhrström - Guitars
Henrik Sandelin - Bass

What is our thoughts on the single "silence in the age of apes"?
The single "silence in the age of apes" from avatars upcoming album "Hunter gatherer" is definitely worth a listen!
This song is insanely hardcore in the best way!
It is hard metal riffs and tunes, combined with Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerströms impressing growling techniques and voice duo.
This is something for the hardcore rock fans!
And we LOVE IT!

Their work with the drums and Bass is breathtaking - No doubt these guys has done it again, another amazingly done single.
We cannot wait for the entire album "Hunter gatherer" to be released, if this is the standard they're heading for!

Compared to their previous works such as Avatar Country & Black Waltz, Avatar truly evolves every time they release new music. They're artistic and truly know how to create a masterpiece. If you've ever seen them live, you could probably imagine what this new single would be like when they finally get to perform it live.

A M A Z I N G.
Give it a listen, you won't regret it.

How many skulls do we give this single out of ten?
10/10 💀

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