Bend for Eleven Reviews

Author: Maria Perdersen

The rock band, from Thessaloniki, Greece, "Bend For Eleven" has released a new single plus the official video clip, on the 16th of March 2020, alongside the album "rebel day". 

The band "bend for eleven" was formed in 2014, in Thessaloniki, Greece. In March 2016, they released their album "aggressive illusions" and on 16th of March 2020, 4 years later, they released their newest album "rebel day" which includes the single "my inner sight". 

They were inspired by music genres like Rock, alternative and stoner music 6 years ago when four friends formed the band, after deciding to take their jams seriously, and “rock out” instead. 

Band members of "Bend For Eleven": Antonis Tsars - Vocalist, guitarist George Eppas - guitarist Nikos Siaxabanis - drums Johnny K. - bass 

What is our thoughts on "MY INNER SIGHT"? This reminds a bit of older rock, combined with a bit of alternative tunes. It’s definitely different - not in a bad way. The vocalist Antonis Tsars voice is a bit rusty, and a bid lighter in the tone, and that makes their lyrics sound very “rockish”. The way they use their instruments makes you want to lean back and close your eyes, and just listen. It’s rough, but not metal-rough. More like this good in between we all know from the older rock musicians. 

Tracking list of the album “Rebel Day”: Released on 12th of March 2020. 

  1. YeahYeahYeah
  2. Rebel Day

3.) All Of My Memories

4.) My Inner Sight

5.) Move On

6.) Freeman

7.) Take Me Over

8.) Evelyn

9.) Long Waitin’ Years 



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