Black Fate Reviews Savior machine

Greek Melodic Metal band, Black Fate, dropped a brand new single titled 'Savior Machine' on 10th August 2020.
The new single is from their upcoming album titled "Ithaca" set for release on October 23rd 2020. 
You can Pre-Save & Pre-Order the new album by clicking here
Black Fate commented on there new single:
"A fast tempo song, maybe the fastest track of the album with aggressive guitars, dark melodic & catchy vocals, fast drumming and intense choral keyboards". - Black Fate
What are our thoughts about "Savior Machine"?
Black Fate are back, and they ain't f*cking around. As soon as this track started we knew we was in for a treat.
The immediate instrumental at the beginning had us head banging and already wanting to be in the crowd witnessing there madness live on stage. The moment vocalist Heracles Fanarakis began to sing, we felt like we was in front of one of those big metal fans that bands use for music videos, it honestly blew us away. Not gonna lie, he did immediately remind us a little bit of Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, his vocals are truly incredible.
The guitar play was also absolutely insane, the mini solos throughout the song was a brilliant touch & when the whole band came together like an heavy metal orchestra, we just wanted to be with them on stage watching the reaction of the audience.
Overall, Black Fate are masters of Melodic Metal. They've been around since 1990 and they know how to make incredible music & they'll never let you down.
This track is a masterpiece & we're extremely excited to hear even more.
Imagine these guys taking Edge of Paradise on tour? Would that not be insane?!
How many skulls out of 10?
10/10 💀

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