Black Futures

Today on social media rock band, Black Futures, announced that they will be taking part in the livestream festival hosted by PRS for Music.

PRS for Music is the UK's leading collections society. The company undertakes collective rights management for over 140,000 members. PRS helps artists by collecting royalties on there behalf whenever their music is performed in public i.e Concerts, Radio Shows and anywhere that artist's music is played in public.

PRS for Music are hosting a festival in aid of their Emergency Relief Fund which will help artists during situations like the current Global Pandemic that is going on in our world today.

Here is what Black Futures had to say about the struggles of artists that we don't see behind the scenes:

"In the UK we have a culture of pride and excitement when discovering an incredible new artists. It seems like a big bang event and you're lucky enough to witness its energy blossom.

However, behind the scenes those artists are often juggling multiple jobs to scrounge together enough of a living to exist. All remaining energy, time and graft is dedicated to their craft.

The pressures of remaining a creative presence and finding new ways to bring music and empathy into the lives of our fellow humans has not ceased. The income, however meagre, has! So we salute the PRS's efforts to help support creatives.

Please do make an effort if possible to keep our much cherished music scene afloat so we have artists, venues, promoters to help us bring meaning to our shared existence. Stay safe!

Love, Black Futures. NEVER NOT NOTHING."

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The entire PRS Lock Down festival event begins on Friday 24th April from 12.00pm

Donate to the PRS Emergency Fund -> Click Here <-

Black Futures PRS live stream begins on 24th April 2020 at 21.50 (BST).

Watch It Here:

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