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Finnish Hard Rockers Brother Firetribe formed in 2001 have just dropped a new single titled "Bring On The Rain" from their upcoming album Feel The Burn which is set to be released on 18th September 2020.

It has been noted that the band was due to release the album earlier, but due to the current Pandemic, they've been forced to postpone the date until September. 

'Bring on the Rain' is the second single from the bands new album and has already accumulated over 7,000 views on YouTube after it's release yesterday (17th April 2020)

"'Bring On The Rain' was one of the first songs we wrote and recorded for the new album. The music and the melody are passionate and intense, and so is the lyrical content: it’s all about that deep physical longing that simply drives you up the walls,” explains band vocalist Pekka Heino. 
The singles music video is also the last video that features former guitarist Emppu Vuorinen who left due to a busy schedule with his band Nightwish and was replaced by current guitarist Roope Riihijärvi.
"As the song was recorded, Emppu is there, playing as only he can. Some time after that we all decided that, based on ongoing scheduling challenges, it was fair on everyone involved for him to step down.” - Heino
Vuorinen himself states: "Little did I know that this would be one of the last songs I’d record with the band when I was laying down the track, but I’m as proud of it as I am of all the other songs we ever did. This band will always be special to me, just like my friendship with the guys. On with the show!"
The Music Video itself provides us with an 80s retro theme, putting us in an old-fashioned drive in cinema and classic neon colours.
What do we think about the new single?
Brother Firetribe really takes us back to old school Rock 'n' Roll, the likes of Bon Jovi & Whitesnake. The new single has a beat you can easily get caught onto along with lyrics that will more than likely get stuck in your head.
We definitely recommend giving this track a listen and to keep watching to see what else Brother Firetribe have to offer.
How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)
7/10 💀
Tell us what you think about Bring On The Rain in the comments below!

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