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Heavy Metal/Hard Rock act from Nottingham, Dark Matter, released their 2nd single on 3rd April 2020 and their debut EP "Don't Panic" on April 17th 2020.

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Today we are reviewing their single "Snowflakes". 

Dark Matter explained a little further about the single:

"Snowflakes is a song written by Jack our singer on a bass guitar long since abandoned at his father's studio. It is a song about millennial “Snowflakes” and is meant as an anthem for those who have been marginalised because of their age, not because they are entitled but because they have inherited a world of unstable climate, unequal opportunity,and stubborn bigotry. Far from an attack on older generations the song is a statement of pride in our beliefs. “Snowflakes” features the widest range of influences with the abrasive staccato vocals and tongue-in-cheek, political lyrics inspired heavily by System of a Down.The slower middle section features Radiohead’s Paranoid Android as its biggest influence in contrast to the heavier sections inspired by the likes of Metallica and Megadeth. The song is our attempt at squeezing together these contrasting influences and has resulted in one of our most popular songs!" - Dark Matter

What are our thoughts about "Snowflakes"?

Considering this is the bands 2nd single that they've ever released, it is extremely impressive & does give us Megadeth, Metallica with a touch of Anthrax, which is 3 of the big 4, which is insane! The inclusion of the slow middle section inspired by Radiohead is an awesome inclusion, and the moment it started sold the track!

We can't say this is our favourite track we've ever heard, but we can see the direction that Dark Matter are heading in, and we're all for it! This is still a track that is going to be added to our playlist so we can rock out in the car, whilst slightly going over the limit, what we didn't say anything?

Overall, Dark Matter have an incredible future ahead of them, to release a single like this is insane and we are looking forward to what else they have in store for us. They're a band we want to see live so we can see their madness live.

These guys know what they want, and they'll do anything to achieve their goal.

"Dark Matter are a new band, but sound like they've been going for years. They're not perfect, but they're certainly close to perfection"

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀


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