Dead Reynolds PS (I Loathe You) Reviews

Dead Reynolds, a five-piece Alt-Rock band from East Anglia, England, has dropped a brand new single titled "PS (I Loathe You)".

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The band have plans for a full-length album for 2021 alongside UK shows.

What are our thoughts about "PS (I Loathe You)"?

Dead Reynolds is a band that we have only just discovered through this single release, and we are pleasantly surprised by their pure talent.

PS (I Loathe You) is a track that not only will us rock n rollers absolutely adore, but all music lovers will immediately want this playing on their radios, in their cars & at all major UK festivals.

This powerful 5 piece band, are exactly how we describe, just pure power. They had us boogying in front of our computer and the track on repeat. The only part we got a little bit disappointed at was at 0.37seconds into the track where they had a little drop but it didn't last very long, if it had lasted a little longer it would've been absolutely epic.

Nonetheless, this track is truly incredible & we look forward to catching these guys live very soon & for the brand new album which has been said to be set for 2021.

This band is definitely for fans of bands such as Neck Deep & The Offspring (in our opinion) and we totally agree with the fact they have the same sort of energy vibes as Frank Carter.

Overall, Dead Reynolds is a band that you can quickly get into just by the click of a button. We hope to see them rockin' out live very soon!

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀

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