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Author: Maria Perdersen

The heavy/groove metal band from Merseyside, Saint Helens "Deified" has released their new single "apotheosis/rebirth" on May 15th 2020, from their upcoming mini-album "Anthrobscene" which is released on 29th of May 2020!

The band DEIFIED started in the late 2013, and already has 4400+ followers on Facebook by now.

Deified is originally inspired by bands such as Sylosis, Threat Signal, Devil Drivers, and Lamb of God and has created their own sound based on that.

Band members of DEIFIED:
Jamie Hughes - Vocalist
Matthew Pike - guitarist
Alistair Blackhall - guitarist
Tom Simm - bass
Jordan Stanley-Jones - Drums

What is our thoughts on the single "Apotheosis/Rebirth"?
This is no doubt the definition of hard metal, they have their own hardcore sound.
The vocalists voice is rough, and harsh.
If you're into hardcore metal, this is definitely something for you.
It is special, different and something on the scale close to something like Testament.
It is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy real hardcore metal, we would recommend this single.
Give it a go!

How many skulls out of 10?

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