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Today we have Dan Kert and Paul Love, also known as "Plastic Barricades" who formed in 2007 in Estonia's capital, Tallin. Whilst in Tallin, they released their first single "London Walk/Heavy World" which threw the duo into gigging all over the place. 2012, the band locked themselves into a studio in Tallin and came out with a 6 track EP "Tree of Ideas" was released on 8th September 2012.

In the same year, Dan and Jan, who at the time was the bands bassist, met Daniel from Colombia who joined the band as a new drummer. However, after 3 gigs Daniel decided that he was going to focus on his Musical Theatre career, and in comes a new drummer Matteo Ippolito from Rome, who sparked a light in the band. Jan was later replaced by Daniele Borgato from Italy, from then it was time to get the bands name out there.

In 2013, the band was gaining momentum in London, England and collaborating with charity's Oxfam, British Red Cross and London Blood Donation Centre. Sadly, in the same year, on 5th September Matteo Ippolito passed away and has been noted by the band as "The Darkest Day of the bands history that will never be forgotten".

Following Matteo's passing, Plastic Barricades had to keep on fighting, and that came with new auditions. After struggling to find someone who could fill Matteo's shoes, the band was blown away by Frazer James Webster and 3 weeks later he was performing at London's legendary venue The Water Rats.

From then on, Plastic Barricades won the Battle of the Bands, coming first place out of 222 participants, at Hard Rock Global Cafe in London, released a new single "Shine", won Camdens Rock Battle and won the opportunity to perform at the North London Festival. In 2014 the band released their single from their then upcoming album "Masterminds" and spent most of 2014 touring all over the United Kingdom as well as appearing at festivals and even got nominated for "Brand New Artist 2015" which secured them their first cover story for Jamsphere Magazine.

After plenty of touring, album releases, award winning & band member line up changes, Plastic Barricades dropped two singles for their upcoming album "Self-Theories" which is set for release later this year.


Check out Plastic Barricades two latest singles "Optimist" and "One For The Road". Let us know what you think about Plastic Barricades below, and make sure to share their new music!

The bands latest single "Optimist" was released on 2nd February 2020 and was written, recorded and mixed in a backyard shed studio in North-West London and was mastered by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin at Metropolis Studios.

The song itself is all about seeing the way forward through what may seem like a hopeless situation.Australia is on fire, the Amazon is burning, the seas are rising, air is polluted and dumps are full. But being pessimistic isn’t going to help. We can’t blame each other and point fingers. We have to make our own decisions. Human beings can have some terrible instincts-but we aren’t our instincts. We are our choices. Pessimism is choosing defeat, choosing not to act, choosing to accept the situation. We’ve made this mess. We need to clean it up. It starts and ends with us. - Plastic Barricades

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