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Author: Maria Pedersen

ENUFF Z'NUFF rock 'n' roll band from Chicago, set to release new album 'brainwashed generation' on 10th of July 2020.

Which is a follow up to the 2018's 'Diamond boy'. 

The band was formed in 1984 in Blue Island, Illinois. 

The band is originally inspired by bands such as The Beatles,Cheap Trick, and Oasis. 


They had their big break through in 1989, when they were signed by Atco/Atlantic Records, and released a self titled debut album, which became a huge hit. 

The debut album included singles 'new thing' and 'fly high Michelle' which received constant airplay on radio, and heavy rotation on MTV spending over 60 weeks on top 10.

The band consists of:

Chip z'nuff - Vocalist, Electric bass guitar. 

Tony stoffregen - Lead guitar. 

Alex Kane - Rhythm guitar. 

Daniel B. Hill - Drums. 

ENUFF Z'NUFF also plans to tour in North America & Europe in support of the album 'brainwashed generation' as soon as the world situation allows. 

To date the band has over 28.000 followers on their Facebook page and 5000+ followers on Instagram, so basically, they're doing an amazing job. 

What do we think of 'fatal distraction':

Their first released single 'fatal distraction' from their album 'brainwashed generation' is definitely worth a listen.

It's Rock 'n' roll when It's best, if you're into power pop with hard Rock styling, this band is something to have a look at.

So get your big 80s hair cut into action, cos' ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna go party!

Track list of 'brainwashed generation':

  1. The gospel 
  2. Fatal distraction  
  3. I got my money where my mouth is. 
  4. Help i'm in hell
  5. It's all in vain 
  6. Strangers in my head 
  7. Drugland weekend
  8. Broken love 
  9. Go… 
  10. Winding road

Special guests:

Mike Portnoy Ringo/Beatles replica Kit by TAMA - drums (Track 5)

Daxx 'cheap trick' Nielsen - guitar (Track 2, 4, 7, 9)

Steve Ramone - guitar (Track 2, 8)

Tony Fennell - guitar (Track 3)

Joel Norman - piano (Track 1)

Ace Frehley - inaudible lead guitar (Track 7)

Donnie Vie - Vox, guitar (Track 6)

Vinnie Castaldo - drums (Track 6)


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