Five Crumbs Gravity Reviews

German rockers, Five Crumbs have dropped a brand new single "Gravity"

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What are our thoughts about the new single "Gravity"?

The new single is quite different from the previous release titled "Monster" back in May this year. 

Despite this, it's a decent track that we are sure fans will fall in love with & will quickly become apart of listeners playlists. Much like Monster, each band member works together so damn well it makes the track incredible to listen to & of course still adding in the awesome drops at 2minutes 40 that'll surely have the crowd going wild.

Overall, Five Crumbs are truly talented & have proven they do all sorts of styles of music. Gravity is here to stay, so don't float away just yet, there's much more to come.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀


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