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Classic Rock Trio from South Wales, UK, Haxan released their brand new album titled "White Noise" on July 24th 2020.

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Haxan spoke about the track "Nine Lives":

"Listening to the first studio mix of 'Nine Lives' just sparked imagination and Sam couldn't shake the idea of a fast paced post-apocalyptic demolition derby comic book style video! As always, we encouraged each others' madness and got to work at making this happen.

Filming a safe, socially distanced music video was not without its challenges, and we didn't make things easy for ourselves either. We set out to find a location that matched our vision, and after a twist of fate, we ended up in an abandoned warehouse. Throw in some old tyres and oil barrels on fire, and we had ours set!

On filming day, we couldn't park anywhere near the location so had to make about 40 trips carrying amps, drums, lights, a generator, and a menagerie of other items! After 7 hours of setting up, we were ready to shoot.

However, just as we were about to hit record, the police showed up as they received reports of an illegal rave! Cue another couple of hours of persuading the authorities to let us film and convincing them we were most definitely not having a rave; we were given a 45 minute window to film. We smashed it out, hired a very talented artist from the USA to create some incredible artwork, and that little idea we just couldn't shake became reality!

The track is about having no fear and living on the edge, and we think the video fits that theme perfectly!" - Haxan

What are our thoughts about "White Noise"?

White Noise is an album jam packed with 9 killer tracks that will make you want to keep hitting the replay button over and over again!

Haxan are a band that dream big and make sure that they accomplish those dreams no matter what it takes. They're f*cking crazy, which is good, because we all love crazy!

We've listen to every track in the album, and we can happily say we need to see Haxan live as soon as possible! From the first single that we heard, "Skeletons" we need this album was going to be something special. No matter what Haxan strive to create, they always blow it out of the water, into space and into another galaxy. Nothing stands in their way.

We do have to say though, despite being a massive lover of the track "Skeletons", "Killing Time" is now our new favourite, which may not be a popular opinion. This track throws us back to when Dio was still making music with Rainbow. It gives us the same sort of feel, of course not the same sound, but by god you could probably imagine Ronnie belting this track out. Or even Skid Row? Either way, Haxan, this song is our Number 1 favourite!

Overall, Haxan have put their heart & soul into this album. After reading about the music video for Nine Lives, you can just tell how much they want to succeed as a band, and they're already on track. They're a band to watch, you'll see them headlining one day.

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀




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