Hayley Williams

Yesterday (20th January 2020), I know we're early, Hayley Williams officially revealed what she was teasing earlier this month. On Twitter she tweeted this:


Her new project titled "Simmer" will be released on 22nd January 2020 (Tomorrow!), and of course we will be doing our standard review. However, we're also going to jump on a band wagon, which could be true and could be false, so please take this with a PINCH of salt!

The first sentence "My First Offering" could be a hint that she may be doing something with My Chemical Romance. Now once again, this is could be FALSE.

The reason why we say this, is because when MCR announced the UK Dates they also titled it "An Offering"





Could Hayley Williams be appearing alongside My Chemical Romance when they visit the UK in June? Is she appearing on their new album? Or, could this just be a coincidence (most likely). But hey, we all love to have a bit of fun and speculate right?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


Rockstar Hayley Williams has released a happy new year message thanking all of her supporters around the world.

In the message she also casually announced that next year will be a very important year as in January 2020 she will be releasing something that she can "call my own" with some of her "closest friends".


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