Here Lies Titania, a Metalcore band which formed in 2015, Reading UK, have announced that they will be splitting up.

They announced the news on social earlier today:

"Hey guys, we have come to the conclusion after being able to reflect over the Covid-19 period that we all want different things from life and to experience other opportunities. That's why we unfortunately have come to the realisation that we cannot continue with Here Lies Titania. Some of us have been in bands since we were 11 and we've realised there's a lot to life that we've missed and we have set new goals for ourselves.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has given us a listen, given us a chance, bought merch and supported us. You guys made dreams come true for us and we will never forget it.

We will continue to keep our music up so you guys can still listen if you want to, but once again thank you for all of the memories, and we've made some friends that we will cherish forever!

Love, the HLT boys x"


 The bands last EP was titled "Witching Hour" which was released in 2020 and featured tracks such as Necromancer & One Foot in the Grave.

One of the tracks, Necromancer was featured on Down For Life Music & Friends (United For Change) CD alongside bands such as TheCityIsOurs, Our Hollow Our Home, InVisions & many more amazing artists.

We are at Rock Lifestyle UK are sad to hear about the news of the break up. We ourselves had recently discovered them and hoped we could see them as a band grow even more. That being said, we hope to see the band members themselves discover what they truly want in life & have a successful career in what ever route they choose.

We'd like to thank Here Lies Titania for leaving their print on the industry & their music will last forever and will be remembered by us all.


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