Carry On Hunted By Elephants

London based Rock n Rollers, Hunted By Elephants, are set to release a brand new album titled "Carry On" on Friday 15th January 2020.

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We will also be receiving a brand new single titled "Let Me Be" on November 6th 2020 which will give us an insight into what the new album is going to be like.

Despite only forming 2 years ago, Hunted By Elephants have gained a supportive audience and already released their debut album "Rise of the Elephant" in 2019 which very quickly picked up support from the underground scene. Two tracks stood out from the album titled "Unnamed" and "Human Eyes".

Vocalist Apostolos Liapis: “For us, our second album is all about the chemistry of the band in our performing and song-writing. We always wanted to run with how we recorded the first album and how records were made back in the 70s – all the instruments recorded playing live together. We did this to capture the musical energy of the band and the songs. We’ve worked with some great people on this record – our London based producer, visual artist in France, video producer in London and have a Grammy Award winning mastering engineer in LA on board. We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve achieved with them”

You can listen to Hunted By Elephants by clicking here

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