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Scottish Trash Metal band, Ifreann have released their latest EP titled "Desecration" on February 22nd 2020.

Formed in 2015 by best friends Euan Henderson & Jacob Nicolson and was later joined by vocalist Ian Gill and guitarists Ben Sanders Alina Levanova.

The band created their own unique sound by combining sounds of traditional Trash Metal with punk rock attitudes and extreme metal aggression. Ifreann became well known in the metal scene when they played their first concert in February 2017.


Ifreann released their first singles in 2017 titled "In Saten We Trust" and "Poisoned Minds" of which they band recorded and engineered themselves. Ifreann took part in Metal to The Masses in Scotland and won 2nd place out of the 32 bands after only playing live events for a year. The band went onto released their first ever EP in 2019 titled "Unearthly" which was praised by fans all over the world. Since the release of their first EP, the band have headlined tours across the United Kingdom and will be headlining in Ireland for a weekend tour in March 2020.

What do we think about Ifreanns latest release "Desecration"?

The bands latest release "Desecration" is most definitely a huge step forward from their first EP release, you can definitely tell the band has worked super hard on this new album to push their own sound to the absolute max. The new EP features a couple of drops which we would love to witness live.

Overall, "Desecration" is one we recommend to all Thrash Metal lovers, especially lovers of the likes of Megadeth.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

7 out of 10 💀

Due to the tracks not being available on YouTube, we have listed the tracks below in the order of our rankings just without the tracks provided.

1.) Messiah

2.) Of Blade & Blackened

3.) Crushed

4.) Raised in Hate

You can purchase & stream the new EP digitally by clicking here

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