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Southern Californian rockers Janet Gardner & Justin James, dropped a brand new album titled "Synergy" on 7th August 2020 signed through Pavement Entertainment.

Janet Gardner is the formed lead vocalist for Glam-Metal band "Vixen" which formed in 1980 alongside Jan Kuehnemund, Share Ross & Roxy Petrucci and hit major success in 1987 to 1992.

You can stream the new album by clicking here

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What are our thoughts about "Synergy"?

Having only just discovered Janet Gardner & Justin James, we was immediately blown away at the incredible talent & the sheer power that came from the first song alone. Wounded, which is the first track, opens the same way as you'd expect an Ozzy Osbourne or old school 80's band like Def Leppard, and it's honestly incredible.

Lead vocalist, Janet Gardner is all about rock n roll and she knows how to use her incredibly powerful voice so well, you can immediately tell when performing live she'll have the crowd going absolutely mental and it's no wonder she's opened for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Kiss & Bon Jovi.

Overall, the album "Synergy" is absolutely incredible. The pair know how to rock n roll in true fashion & they know how to deliver it well. We want to be rocking out with Janet & Justin RIGHT NOW!

"Janet Gardner & Justin James are like no other. They'll take you to a new dimension with there music alone and make you fall in love at first sight"

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