Broken Teeth Future Weapons (A) Killatrix

The brilliant Electric-Party Rock band from Southend, Killatrix have released yet another single. However, this time they're going back to 2019 remastering their track "Broken Teeth"!

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Broken Teeth will be featured on Killatrix upcoming EP Future Weapons (A), which features tracks both brand new & previous releases remastered, and it's here to kick your f*cking a$$!

What are our thoughts about "Broken Teeth"?

Having heard the original when it was released in 2019, there isn't much difference except you can certainly hear that they've had a professional look over the track & much better mastering. Now it's got that extra layer of bass and oh my god do we love it flying down the motorway!

Killatrix, with every release, bring something new to the table. No song sounds the same from previous releases, they always try something new & always make sure it's gonna make you either head bang & dance along, or something you can listen to & sing along.

Overall, Broken Teeth is a track that's always been in our playlist, but this remastered version has now made sure that we'll probably break the repeat button.

How many skulls out of 10?
9/10 💀

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