Burn Little Triggers Reviews

Originally Posted: 21st August 2020

Rising from Liverpool, Rock n Rollers, Little Triggers, dropped a brand new single on 21st August 2020 titled "Burn".

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The single arrives only a year after there debut album "Loaded Gun" which saw Little Triggers audience grow dramatically. The bands new single has been supported by the likes of Planet Rock & has already been played on air.

What are our thoughts about "Burn"?

The minute I pressed play my brain immediately thought I was listening to the likes of Led Zeppelin, which is actually also a key influence for the band. Alongside Queens Of The Stone Age & Wolf mother, you can certainly tell they have real taste.

Shortly after starting the song, I already wanted to know every single lyric so I could sing along, and it was quite easy, didn't even need to read the lyrics. The song is so catchy, it surprises me that this has come from a smaller band, as honestly it sounds like they've been doing this for years!

This extremely talented group is well on there way to stardom, we can certainly see these guys playing on the airwaves on every station very soon, as well as, hopefully, a performance at Download Festival UK. We honestly think these guys would make the Download crowd fall in love with them.

Overall, Little Triggers aren't so little, they're MEGA! This isn't the last you'll hear of them, you'll see them everywhere soon. You'll see!

Also *cough*, can Shinedown please take these guys on tour? They would reign supreme!

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

MMusic Video:


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