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Written by: Char Smith

Today I am reviewing The Rattlebacks’ live set ‘One Night With Tom Rampton’, the show they played earlier this year at The Star Inn, Guildford.

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Not only did I get to watch the recently released videoed set, but I was an actual member of the real life audience! 

I’ve seen them quite a lot over the past year and a half and I’ve always been taken aback by their eye-catching style, amazing energy and their beautifully impulsive and playful characters.

The Rattlebacks are known for owning the stage, but rarely has it been seen where an audience morphs from casually chatting in the prelude to being completely focused on a staged, unsigned band performance; as soon as the music started, The Rattlebacks had all eyes-on-them.

I can’t even begin to imagine how they must have felt playing their first song, Backdrop - they looked like they were about to unhinge themselves. Then the lights came up and the audience went nuts. The pit went mad, drinks spilt, people fell within the pit, while the room filled with the sound of sweet-sensual-rock song. Little did I know that they would throw an exhilarating, all-encompassing drum solo into the mix where some bands might have been too afraid to have one! 

It felt like, before we were even able to calm down from the first song, the drum solo had begun again and the audience were left in goose-bumping awe, all with jaws on the floor - that is how you open a show! In essence, a real phenomenal upbeat original song and a riveting drum solo.

The skills alone of each member of the band was mesmerising, they made it seem effortless yet they were on a constant stream of energy whilst exuding raw confidence.  Coxy, the rhythm guitarist, could be seen not-holding-back from a full-on dance routine whilst playing guitar, both whilst keeping eye contact with the band and audience, not forgetting those leather trousers - now that is spine-tingling skill! 

The ultimate highlight of the set, hands down, would have to be when a few of the band members joined the crowd and rocked right out.  Not to mention the moment when Max, the lead guitarist, got up on a table for a most epic guitar solo during the track, ‘Favourite Son’.

I’m sure that this was a performance everyone will cherish for a long, long time. I highly recommend keeping The Rattlebacks on your socials and go to any of their future gigs - I promise you, it will be a night you’ll never forget. 

Skulls out of 10:


Favourite track of the set: Back Of My Hand


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Venue: The Star, Guildford Surrey UK 

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