Major Moment No Fear

Remember Remember the Major Moment, may their music never be forgot. Is that how it goes? 

Boston-based rock band, Major Moment, dropped their new single "No Fear" on 5th November 2020..

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Major Moment commented on the new single: "In the current climate of intolerance for opinions any different than your own, where presidential debates look more like an SNL skit, dictators divide & conquer, while we keep "unfollowing" and "cancelling" those we disagree with, it's important to get our communication on point and remember that the power belongs to us! "The truth is born of arguments" says a famous Russian proverb, yet it seems our arguments only lead to aggression and sometimes just pure hate. All because we fail to understand there’s no one side to the truth. Regardless of which political party you support, or what you believe in, our support for each other is what truly matters." - Major Moment

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How many skulls out of 10?


"The last time we covered Major Moment, we spoke about their single titled The Flood which was released in July this year and it blew us out of the water (pun intended). This track is no different, once again blowing us away with their unique sound & talents. We need more Major Moment!" - Rock Lifestyle Worldwide

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