Marilyn Manson Reviews We Are Chaos

On 30th July 2020, we dropped an article talking about Marilyn Mansons brand new single "We Are Chaos" which was from his brand new album, with the same title. 

Well, the time has come. On September 11th 2020, Marilyn Manson dropped his brand new 10th Studio Album "We Are Chaos". We are super excited to dive into this album, we've tried our best to avoid listening all weekend but now we get to take a listen!

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What are our thoughts about "We Are Chaos"?

From the first track "Red, Black and Blue" you can immediately tell that old school Marilyn Manson is finally back, and possibly better than ever before.

Mansons previous studio album Heaven Upside Down was alright, but certainly not what we fan expected from this master of weirdness.

His first single, which the album is named after, gained everyone's attention not only because it reminded them of what his old music used to, the music video itself was just pure f*cking creepiness. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MANY MARILYN MANSON HEADS IN YOUR LIFE!?

This track alone truly shows his imagination and that he still has what it takes to creep people out and spark peoples attention just by being himself.

When reading the lyrics to We Are Chaos, to us it seems like he is looking at life, questioning its existence and the complications that we come across during our lifetimes. 

Now, despite this album not quite having tracks similar to the likes of Mobscene, The Fight Song or This Is The New Shit, Marilyn Manson has come back in his own way, and he's managed to tie in his old school sound & style with his new take on his music, and it really does work. It's incredible. You can definitely hear this on the track "Infinite Darkness" and oh boy does it take us back and it still has that triple layer of creep factor that he's always been able to portray.

Overall, this album is Manson's return to his legacy, and he's come back stronger than ever and although it's not what we're quite used to, he's done it in such an amazing way, old school & new fans will fall in love with what he's created.

"The Creature of the Dark is here to stay, and cause as much chaos as he possibly can"

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀

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