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West Yorkshire Alternative Rock Outfit band, Monster Jaw, have announced their reunion & have dropped a brand new single 'Fury In You' alongside a music video.

Monster Jaw sprang into action with their three track debut EP ‘Get A Tattoo’ back in 2013, produced by Wes Maebe (UB40/Celine Dion). It received much critical acclaim and global airplay across rock/alternative stations including BBC Introducing, Total Rock and The Mattcave. They had extensive magazine coverage with Big Cheese and Louder Than War, plus tour supports with Black Star Riders, Stiff Little Fingers, New Model Army, Ferocious Dog and appearances at several Festivals around the UK, including ‘Rebellion Punk Festival’ which solidified their dedicated cult following.

The next year saw this hard working band release two more EPs and two singles, all of which met with global airplay, reviews and tours, plus record label and distribution offers.

2016, three years on from their debut though, the band split amicably, citing ‘distaste for the music industry, Social Media and Press’ – in this period the band received many pleas from fans and the music press to return but it was not to be. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Mik Davis went onto form Darkwave band They Called Him Zone, co-songwriter, joint vocalist and bassist Neil Short formed VS and drummer John Bradford chose a career in teaching music. The band kept in touch with each other, but had no plans to return to the Monster Jaw project.

Skip to Coronavirus Lockdown 2020 – Mik reached out to Neil, who reached out to John, with the idea of a collaboration to combat boredom through the lockdown period. What followed was the single, ‘Fury In You’. A song for the times. A song reflecting and highlighting the importance of protest, rebellion and unity in these uncertain times, a call for positive change and development.

What are our thoughts about 'Fury In You'?

Having only just discovering Monster Jaw ourselves, we can certainly tell why these guys where a big deal back in 2013. There new single is different, but is still something you can jam to and they're certainly an act you'd like to see at a festival.

Comparing Fury In You with there debut single 'Get A Tattoo' you can definitely tell that they've had a few more years to become more experienced and put there song writing skills to the absolute test. 

There new single, to us, is a million times better and have made them act that we ourselves would love to see live, hopefully very soon. We're quite good at imagining what it would be like to see a song performed live, and this one is no different. We're imagining all the lights, the way they would move along with the song & the crowd getting in excited. 

This is certainly an opening track, so we hope that there is an album coming very soon.

Overall, Monster Jaw have had a break and have come back stronger than ever & better than ever before. They're ready to set the world on fire in absolute fury.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀

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