Blood is Blood On Hollow Ground Reviews

Rising from Leeds, upcoming Metalcore band, On Hollow Ground has released their brand new album titled "Blood Is Blood" on July 17th 2020.

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The band released their first single from the album titled "Wasteman Down" on July 10th 2020 (Read More)

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What are our thoughts about "Blood is Blood"?

From the first release of Wasteman Down, we knew this album was going to be one of their best yet. Despite the single only being 73 seconds long, we major neck injuries by headbanging at a million miles an hour. It was one that we will remember. (Of course, neck injuries didn't actually happen, please don't sue 'em)

Blood is Blood is an incredible album and the band should be extremely proud of themselves for what they've put together as there wasn't a single song in this album that we didn't like, and each one made it into our playlist, as it should in yours. As soon as that first track starts playing, you know it's On Hollow Ground and they're not messing around.

Our favourite track so far is "Broken", with demon like screams and filthy drops all the way through the song really got us going and honestly is a track I'll have continuously playing on a daily basis.

We've been giving a lot of good reviews recently, but that's because all these artists are coming out of the woodwork with some of the best music that we've heard in a long time. It's like despite the pandemic & the madness going on in the world, these bands have summoned their creativeness and put it into their music, and it's absolutely mental with what they've been able to come up with.

On Hollow Ground's new album is one we should share with everyone, and we're calling for them to appear at Download Festival 2021. Get these lads on that main stage & tear shit up!

Overall, On Hollow Ground are here to stay and go f*cking crazy.

- Edit -

After having this album on repeat both at home and on the road, we at Rock Lifestyle UK have made the decision to update this article.

This album is in our opinion, the BEST album of 2020!

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀

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