On Hollow Ground Reviews Wasteman Down WMD

Metalcore band from Leeds UK, On Hollow Ground, has released a brand new single ahead of their upcoming debut album Blood is Blood which is set to be released on 17th July 2020.

The new album will showcase what On Hollow Ground is all about and will prove to us even more that this band has what it takes to take it to the next level.

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What do we think about "Wasteman Down"?

Despite only being 1minute and 13 seconds long, the new track is a slapper. You get a full 73 seconds of headbanging and pure metal. The new track shows what their debut album will have to offer, and even in this short song, we're extremely excited about it.

In the description of the video on YouTube, it says that the track "Breaks up the deeper meaning tracks on the album & provides a release. All a bit of fun in an otherwise very heartfelt and serious album". This description tells us that the new album is probably going to hit home, but alongside that, the ability to release these emotions in a good way, although your living room may end up trashed because of the filthy drops & screams.

Overall, On Hollow Ground is a group that keeps on giving, and we're immensely proud of what they have achieved so far, and they should be too.

"On Hollow Ground is a band to keep watch on, who knows what their next move will be"

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀

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