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The unique Swedish progressive metal band, Pain of Salvation, are set to release their brand new album "Panther" on 28th August 2020.

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To give us some insight into what the new album is going to be like, the band has released a brand new single titled "Accelerator". This track alone differentiates Pain of Salvation from any other band you've come across.

Daniel Gildenlöw, who is the bands main songwriter, lyricist, guitarist & vocalist, made a comment about the new release:

"It has been brilliant to work with Lars for a video, after all these years of photographing. We think alike and always have a blast when we work together. We had three very long days of shooting it, only Lars and us in the band in Skjulstahallen, a large gymnastics hall kindly provided by IKEG. As per usual, I found myself in weird situations, like making high flips and jumps over Lars' head. We are very happy with this video and think it's the perfect kickoff for the PANTHER album." - Daniel Gildenlöw

Lars Ardarve is a professional photographer and can be seen in the bands single "Accelerator". He has worked with Pain of Salvation previously on multiple projects. Including the album cover for their 2017 release "In The Passing Light of Day" album.

What are our thoughts about the latest single "Accelerator"?

Progressive Rock & Metal are genres that we give a lot of appreciation to. This is because it takes a lot of time & effort to make a good Progressive Metal/Rock song. Of course it takes as much work to create a hit track in any genre, but with this it takes even more.

To make a 6 minute track you have to captivate your audience in your art,you must provide lyrics that people can hook onto within seconds and create a backing track that listeners won't get bored of, make them urge for more.

This new track really excites us and we're so looking forward to the upcoming album. "Accelerator" to us, is something new & sounds so different to anything else we've listened to before. It gives us serious Tool vibes, but different. It's difficult to explain.

As for the music video itself, it's professionally shot, it tells a story & is something you need to pay attention to.

Overall, the new single is an exciting track that we think you need to check out. It's one of those where you should form your own opinion and connect with it in your own way.

How many skulls out of 10?

9/10 💀

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