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Pierce The Veils vocalist has confirmed on his own Instagram comments that his brother Mike Fuentes, who was the drummer for the band, is no longer apart of the band & will not be appearing in any future albums.

Mike Fuentes had multiple sexual misconduct allegations made against him including sexual activities with a minor in early November 2017. Once these allegations were made public, Mike announced that he would be taking a break from the band for a while. [Click Here To Read More]

However, despite these incidents & Mike's announcement, he appeared on a live stream performance alongside the band, just as if things where back to normal in April this year on their Instagram where they did a home performance of "Hold On Till May"

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We're with you! 🌎❤️

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 1 week ago an Instagram user posted in the comments of Vics latest Instagram upload "Is Mike going to be in the next album?" to which the lead vocalist responded "Hi Poopyshorts3 ! Actually no Mike left the band back in 2017 but we’re currently working on a new album and hoping to start touring again next year. Stay safe out there! ❤️"

This is the first time that Pierce The Veil has confirmed that Mike is no longer apart of the band & will not be featuring on any future albums or live performances. 

Despite this confirmation, many fans aren't quite sure of Vics response due to the length of time it's taken for this to be confirmed & many previous fans of the band have been known to say they feel like they cannot listen to the groups music because of the alleged incidents.

A lot of questions are being raised, such as why did it take so long for Mikes official departure? Why was no further investigations or information released?

And despite Mike announcing he was leaving the band, why was he allowed to continue to be apart of PTV's live streams & communtiy?

Mike Fuentes has not yet been charged or found guilty of sexual misconduct.

We will release further information once more is released.

 This is the original Instagram post posted by Lead Vocalist Vic Fuentes.


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Took a drive out to Joshua Tree this weekend 🔥🌵

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