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It has come to our attention that Facebook page owners including bands across the globe are being targeted by hackers. This article is to raise awareness for this as well as internet safety & security.

This first came to our attention earlier last week when we noticed that Shinedown's Facebook page had been sharing posts to do with make up tutorial & random arts & crafts videos. This was extremely out of the ordinary as the band only posts on their social media for announcements/teasers. Although the band cannot access their Facebook page directly, they are able to communicate through Facebook's "Story" feature.

The band also posted this on Twitter:



 Alongside Shinedown, we noticed earlier this week that Halestorm had started sharing similar content by the same people. However, the band is yet to say if they are aware of the situation.

From our research & personal experience we know it's really difficult to regain access to a Facebook page once someone else has stripped you from admin or access from the page/account. Shinedown have been trying to work with Facebook, but it would seem it is taking the company a rather long time to help the band regain access to the account, this being because Facebook must verify that you are definitely the owner of this page and you MUST provide proof that the page was compromised and not handed over by a page administrator.

Both Halestorm & Shinedown's Facebook pages have been sharing posts from a page called "Virtuous Women Pray". We are unsure whether or not this is the page that has compromised the band(s) pages or if that page has also been compromised.

However, Shinedown & Halestorm where not the only Facebook pages which where comprised this month. Another page named "Laura Prinny Queen" who is the creator of "Shout out to my ex" cover and is owned by Lewis Hancox has also been compromised.

We are unsure how many pages so far have been taken over by these intruders, but we will be keeping a close eye on all of these pages & artists to get the latest information to help spread awareness.

Please make sure to NOT click any links provided in the posts or the comments of any of the pages stated above as these may lead to downloadable viruses/trojans and may even be the reason why you lose access to your account(s). Also, do not provide any personal information to anyone you do not know, and even if you do, if it is a friend or family online asking for information, verify it is them before handing any information over as they could also be compromised.

Internet Safety is an important factor when surfing the internet. You must always make sure that you secure all your accounts with strong passwords & 2 step authentication whenever you can to ensure you and ONLY you can access your personal information. We recommend changing your password(s) every 1-2 month(s) to ensure your safety and never use the same password over again, as security breaches are common with tech companies.

Please help us raise awareness for this by sharing on Social Media and contacting Facebook to help these artists & content creators regain access to their accounts as well as bringing justice towards these hackers.

Do you know anymore pages with this problem? Let us know below!

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