Hangman Sidelines

British post-hardcore band, Sidelines, are set to drop a brand new single titled "Hangman" on 4th September 2020.

The band spoke about the new single:

“Hangman came from us as a band feeling both musically and politically frustrated. It touches on themes of class disparity, income inequality and
the hypocritical nature of conservatism. It’s a call out song aimed at a culture of punching down at those that need an open hand, not a fist.” - Sidelines

You can pre-save the single by clicking here

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Sidelines are influenced by the likes of Architects, Taking Back Sunday, Northlane, My Chemical Romance, Being As An Ocean and Underoath. With all these influences & determination, Sidelines will be an unstoppable force.

We're looking forward to listening to Hangman, we will definitely be posting a review on release date. For now, pre-save the single and get ready to have your minds blown! Despite the departure of Hakon McEvily the trio are back stronger than ever & are ready to take the world by storm.


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