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Brother Firetribe, Feel The Burn -

Melodic finnish hard rock band, Brother Firetribe, are set to release their brand new album "Feel The Burn" on 18th September 2020. - Check out our EXCLUSIVE Merchandise collection - The group have already released three singles from the new album "Rock In The City", "Bring On The Rain", and "Night Drive". Already, the album feels like a wicked throw back to the classic 80s/90s sound with a modern twist. "Rock In The City" is a track that stands out, it's catchy, it transitions perfectly & you'll want to whip out your air guitar, even if you're in the middle...

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Brother Firetribe, Reviews -

Finnish Hard Rockers Brother Firetribe formed in 2001 have just dropped a new single titled "Bring On The Rain" from their upcoming album Feel The Burn which is set to be released on 18th September 2020. It has been noted that the band was due to release the album earlier, but due to the current Pandemic, they've been forced to postpone the date until September.  'Bring on the Rain' is the second single from the bands new album and has already accumulated over 7,000 views on YouTube after it's release yesterday (17th April 2020) "'Bring On The Rain' was one...

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