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The legend that is Danny Beardsley has released his new album "Blood From A Stone Unplugged" on July 17th 2020. - Stream the full album here - The new album is an acoustic version of his debut album "Blood From A Stone" which he released in 2019. - Enter our FREE Giveaway - What are our thoughts about "Blood From A Stone Unplugged?" We at Rock Lifestyle UK don't usually listen to acoustic albums or singles for that matter. We're more into heavy rock n roll, electrifying solos & craving that drum & bass that'll leave you rattling for hours....

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Today is an awesome day for us here at Rock Lifestyle UK as we've been given the incredible opportunity to interview Danny Beardsley who is known for his electrifying guitar playing and his band The Parallax Method. Danny is set to release his album Blood From A Stone unplugged tomorrow (17th July 2020), which features acoustic versions of his solo album that he released last year. Catch our interview below: (Premieres 16/07/2020 at 3.00PM (UK Time)

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Danny Beardsley a guitarist from The Parallax Method who formed in 2015, is releasing a new album on 17th July 2020 titled "Blood From A Stone Unplugged". Despite it being a new album, it isn't new music. The tracks themselves are from his debut album which was released last year. However, they're acoustic versions of the tracks.  If you're not a fan of acoustic tracks, don't let this put you off. Danny's incredible rock n roll vocals & extremely talented guitar playing, this album is something you need to strongly consider listening to upon release. We've been lucky enough to...

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