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Classic Rock Trio from South Wales, UK, Haxan released their brand new album titled "White Noise" on July 24th 2020. You can order & stream "White Noise" by clicking here - Check out our EXCLUSIVE merchandise - Haxan spoke about the track "Nine Lives": "Listening to the first studio mix of 'Nine Lives' just sparked imagination and Sam couldn't shake the idea of a fast paced post-apocalyptic demolition derby comic book style video! As always, we encouraged each others' madness and got to work at making this happen. Filming a safe, socially distanced music video was not without its challenges,...

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Author: Maria Pedersen Classic Rock artist from South Wales/Celtenham, UK, Häxan has released a new song called 'Skeletons'. Häxan are a three piece female rock band, consisting by Sam Bolderson on vox/guitar, Harriet Wadeson on bass, & Jess Hartley on the drums. What are our thoughts about the latest single "Skeletons"?If you like listening to classic rock riffs, and modern melodies which gets stuck in your head like a song from evanescence, this band is something for you.Their new song “skeletons” is like a Classic version of a Rock song with a twist, it makes you want to sing a...

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