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Interviews, The Black Lava -

Italian Rock Band, The Black Lava, have given us the awesome opportunity to have  a chat about the band & their music. The Black Lava recently released a single titled "My Quarantine" on 15th June 2020, click here to read more. - Check out our EXCLUSIVE Merchandise - 1.) Who are the members of the band and what are their roles?  The Blacklava are 4 but we always have many friends who help us on an artistic level. I'm Carlo "Karlo" Loglisci and I'm the singer / guitarist, I deal with social media, some graphics and videos, Francesco "The VIP"...

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Today is an awesome day for us here at Rock Lifestyle UK as we've been given the incredible opportunity to interview Danny Beardsley who is known for his electrifying guitar playing and his band The Parallax Method. Danny is set to release his album Blood From A Stone unplugged tomorrow (17th July 2020), which features acoustic versions of his solo album that he released last year. Catch our interview below: (Premieres 16/07/2020 at 3.00PM (UK Time)

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Interviews, Major Moment -

Spearheaded by two Russian-born vocalists, award-winning Major Moment has quickly developed an intense and unique cinematic rock sound mixed with contemporary electronic elements, and is on a mission to inspire others to pursue their dreams and live a life of purpose. - Check out our EXCLUSIVE merchandise - Formed in early 2018, Major Moment has disrupted Boston rock scene with their debut EP, one small stEP, and proved itself not only as the band that dreams big, but also as one of most hardworking players in the game, claiming attention of music fans, media and industry professionals worldwide. The band won...

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Deadset Society, Interviews, My Darkest Days, Reid Henry -

Reid Henry of My Darkest Days & Deadset Society has gave us the amazing opportunity to interview him for his upcoming solo single release "Monster" which is due to be released on 6th June 2020.   We've asked him about his life, including past & present, as well as his current solo career. So, let's dive into the life of Reid Henry.   Rock Lifestyle ("RLUK") - Your life has been pretty impressive. You've played alongside some of the great artists in history, toured around the world, released some of the biggest hits in Rock history & performed in front of...

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