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Julians Lullaby, a Greek Metal band which infuses Metal Rock, Neo-Classical, Symphonic and acoustic folk-rock has released a live music video for their track 'Angels East'. A little bit about the band: Julians Lullaby formed in 2006 in Greece, Athens and the current band line up is as follows: Anna Lullaby: Vocals/Melodies George Saddler: Vocals/Bass/Lyrics & Melodies Elias Negrin: Guitar/arrangements The track is from the bands 2017 album 'Prisoner of Emotions' which was released by a Russian Music Label, MUSICA. The album itself features 10 tracks, including Angels East: ANGELS EASTCURSE OF GODSDEATH ANGELDOMINOEYES OF GRAY HANGING CROWN HELLS DOORPRISONER OF EMOTIONSSINGLE THOUGHT STARBRINGER ...

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