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Future Weapons (A), Killatrix, Reviews -

Southend based Heavy-Party Electronica band, Killatrix, have released their brand new EP titled "Future Weapons (A)". You can order & stream the new EP by clicking here. What are our thoughts about "Future Weapons (A)"? In this new EP you can just tell that Killatrix have bought their heart & soul into it. Creating new music with singles, Subterranean, Centipede & Cooked Brains, using their unique original sound and adding another layer of epic on top of it. They've even remastered their previously released tracks; Broken Teeth & Release The Hounds, which sound threw us back to when we first...

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Broken Teeth, Future Weapons (A), Killatrix -

The brilliant Electric-Party Rock band from Southend, Killatrix have released yet another single. However, this time they're going back to 2019 remastering their track "Broken Teeth"! - Check out our EXCLUSIVE Merchandise - Broken Teeth will be featured on Killatrix upcoming EP Future Weapons (A), which features tracks both brand new & previous releases remastered, and it's here to kick your f*cking a$$! What are our thoughts about "Broken Teeth"? Having heard the original when it was released in 2019, there isn't much difference except you can certainly hear that they've had a professional look over the track & much better...

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Cooked Brains, Killatrix, Reviews -

What's up Killagirls & Killaboys? Southend Heavy-Party Rock band Killatrix have released a brand new single titled "Cooked Brains" from their upcoming EP titled "Future Weapons [Side A]" which is set for release on 31st July 2020. - Check out our EXCLUSIVE merchandise - - Enter our FREE Giveaway - The band have already proven that the new EP is going to be a belter, as they've released 2 singles previously titled Subterranean & Centipede. (Click the songs to find out more about them). What do we think about "Cooked Brains"? Cooked Brains is a little bit different from what...

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Centipede, Killatrix, Reviews, Single -

Essex Heavy-Parter Rockers, Killatrix have dropped a brand new single "Centipede" from their upcoming EP "Future Weapons (A)" which is set for release on 31st July 2020! - Check out our EXCLUSIVE merchandise - Killatrix previously released their first single from the album on July 3rd 2020, and it's an absolute belter! (Read more by clicking here) What are our thoughts about "Centipede"? Once again, Killatrix are back with their killa (get it?) unique sound! We absoloutely love this track, and we do exactly what lead vocalist Jennie Vodden tells us to do, and that's bang our heads! We've watched...

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Killatrix, Reviews -

Echoing from the depths of Southend, Killatrix are back to take the world on with their heavy party-rock electronica sound that will take you on a wild ride into another dimension. Killatrix released their brand new single titled "Subterranean" from their upcoming EP "Future Weapons (A)" which is set to be released on 31st July 2020 and will be available on most streaming platforms. The new EP "Future Weapons" will be the bands second EP, their first one being "KLTRX" released in 2016 which featured tracks such as Supersonic, Overcome & Suffocate. The bands last release was their 2018 single...

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